When Nora was 4 years old, she had cold and flu symptoms that lasted for weeks and was feeling sicker by the day. During an InstaCare appointment, a chest x-ray of Nora’s lungs revealed that her heart was enlarged. Nora was transferred to Primary Children’s Hospital, where doctors diagnosed her with dilated cardiomyopathy and heart failure.

Nora underwent surgery that successfully resolved an arrythmia, but other related complications persisted. On Valentine’s Day, she had a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) placed to help her heart get stronger. After two months, she was discharged from the hospital as the first child ever to leave Primary Children’s with this device.

Nora’s heart continued to heal, and in June, she had her LVAD removed.

Today, at age 5, Nora continues to take medication and has a monthly checkup at the hospital. Otherwise, she is living her life as a normal, healthy kindergartener. 

“We are so thankful for Dr. Griffiths and Nora’s care team at Primary Children’s for saving her life,” said Nora’s mom, Kaitlyn. “We saw so many miracles and met so many amazing people, patients and staff during our stay there. We are so grateful to have had so many positive experiences during such a challenging time.”

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