Just a year after she was born, Lilly was diagnosed with epilepsy. Her family found her seizures difficult to manage, even with medication, and her seizures became more and more frequent as she got older. Lilly struggled with her condition, often feeling anxious and having to miss school.

When Lilly was 9 years old, she was referred to Primary Children’s Hospital as a potential candidate for brain surgery. And so began the long process of preparing for her surgery, including undergoing MRI’s, PET scans, blood work and countless other tests and appointments.

In August 2018, Lilly underwent brain surgery at Primary Children’s Hospital, performed by Dr. Robert Bollo and his team. The surgery was a success.

“As a parent, having a child undergo brain surgery is terrifying. Fortunately, we knew we were in good hands,” said Lilly’s mom, Kathleen. “We are so thankful for Lilly’s nurses and doctors for always keep us well informed and helping to put our minds at ease when things became overwhelming.”

Since her surgery two years ago, Lilly has been seizure free. In September 2020, Lilly celebrated her “Seizure Graduation,” putting her at low risk of having another seizure.

“It’s easy to take little things for granted, but Lilly definitely doesn’t – especially not after her surgery,” said Kathleen. “She finds joy in the simple things now that she wasn’t able to enjoy before, like being able to take a bath on her own or swim without a life jacket. Because of Primary Children’s, Lilly’s quality of life has improved so much, and our entire family is so grateful.”

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